Lefkada Micro Farm

Open Air Museum

See, smell, touch and taste Greek nature.
Experience, get inspired and connect with our roots.

We welcome visitors of all age who wish to experience Greek nature and get to know the Greek countryside first hand. We use traditional methods of cultivation, no chemicals and no pesticides. Experiences like harvesting a live tomato or smell fresh oregano are a first time experience for most of our visitors.

We wake up memories and create moments to remember.

Free Guided Tours

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 14:00 you are more than welcome and we will be more than happy to show you around the Micro Farm. No entry fee.

Fresh Vegetables

Farm to fork Bio-dynamic, organic vegetables, depending on the season, right out of the Micro Farm. Quality Olive oil and wild Herbs.

Private Experiences

Monday – Friday afternoons we walk through the farm, we taste olive oil and honey, we feed the animals and we harvest the vegetables to taste Greece.


Saturday mornings you can experience the Micro Farmer life. Together we will knead and bake our bread, in the wood burning oven. We will cook traditional recipes with our own fresh vegetables.

Adopt a Tree

Are you an olive oil lover? Do you want the purest extra virgin olive oil for your beloved ones? Adopt an olive tree in the Micro Farm, cultivate and harvest with us. Enjoy the olive oil of your tree!

Support us

We accept visitors and schools without an entry fee in order to share our passion for nature and spread ideas for a better world. If you like what we do, donations are more than welcome!

Lefkada Micro Farm

In numbers


Olive trees

1000 m2

Bio-dynamic, organic vegetables


Cultivated plant species


non GMOs – No chemichals

About the Micro Farm

Hi! I’m Andreas, Lefkada Micro Farm has been on my mind for at least, the last five years. In late 2020, I began working on my grandfather’s land to restore it from an abandoned 100 year olive groove, into a farm that I could produce my own food and welcome my friends.

My goals for 2022 is food production, of the highest possible quality and welcome people who respect nature, love original tastes and seek authentic experiences.

Ethos, Natural cultivation, Bio-dynamic and Regenerative agriculture, Permaculture and Effective Microrganisms are some of the key words of the way I think, live and work.

Thank you for visiting my website and I will be happy to show you around my Micro Farm!