Olive harvesting and olive oil press workshop

Our farm has 60 olive trees (olea europaea), Lefkadian white cultivar. Their fruits are categorized as “mastoeidis” (breast like), due to the shape of the lower part of their fruits, which resembles a breast. They produce bitter and spicy olive oil, rich in phenolic compounds, if cultivated, harvested and pressed, using very specific techniques. In our second year as olive tree cultivators, we’ve produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of 0.3 acidity (an EVOO must have less than 0,8). Our goal for the years to come is to produce EVOO ultra rich in phenolic compounds and to grade it as pharmaceutical. Phenolic compounds of the olive fruit since 2012 are considered to significantly help our bodies to prevent cancer among other benefits.

Join us to learn all the secrets regarding cultivation, harvesting and extraction of this amazing fruit, the Greek Gold.

Dates: Last week of October (exact days TBA)
Duration: 4 days
Cost: 200,00€

What to expect:
o Talks from agronomists, cultivators and extractors
o Pruning class
o Harvesting class
o Pressing the olives in a bio olive oil press factory

o Lunch

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